Marketplaces - by the users, for the users.

CRUZEO is a platform where users can build decentralized marketplaces; in just a few clicks, no code required.

No code interface
Build your decentralized marketplace with a codeless “drag-and-drop” interface.
Stunning Templates
Need inspiration? Choose from a range of pre-designed marketplace templates.
Extraordinary Convenience
Deploy your live, cross-platform marketplace in just a few clicks.

Cheaper, fairer marketplaces.

Disintermediated marketplaces remove the unjust commissions and unethical practices imposed by intermediaries.

  • No commissions/transaction fees
  • Total control over your data
  • Broad-based capital ownership
  • Autonomous governance = no more monopolistic practices.
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No-code Interface.

Build and deploy your marketplace without a single line of code through CRUZEO.

  • Drag-and-drop web app
  • Range of stunning templates
  • Fully decentalized; no bank account or entity required
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Key Features

We provide a suite of common infrastructure which is shared by most marketplaces, to reduce development time.


Facilitate transactions in both crypto and fiat currencies, through our seamless fiat>crypto gateway module.

Digital Identities

Assign users their own self-soverign digital identites, built on the Ontology framework. Each user on one marketplace is automatically a user on all marketplaces.


Let the community have their say on user disputes. A plug-and-play module for autonomous governance.

Smart User Reputations

Manage user reputations through a fair system built on immutable reviews and ratings.

Discovery & Messaging

Allow users to search, connect and message eachother in fully decentralized fashion.

Private Key Management

Alleviate the hassle away from your users by allowing them to easily and securely store their private keys.

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