The best developer tools, fit for the next unicorn marketplace.

We are building a suite of developer tools which enables you to build a decentralized marketplace, with ultimate flexibility.

Why build with CRUZEO?

The most convienient way to build a decentralized marketplace.

Language Flexibility

No more solidity. We provide you with a range of 9 common programming languages which you can use to build your marketplaces.

Reduced Complexity

Shared core infrastructure. We provide direct API access to the modules which are required for every category of marketplace. From on-demand to listings.

Full Support Available

Reduce development time. We provide multi-tiered levels of support to help you build a high-quality marketplace faster. From hobbyist to enterprise.

Write smart contracts as easily as writing a tweet.

We reduce the technical complexity of developing smart contracts through automatic code completion and straight-forward developer documentation.

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Bringing blockchain to the mainstream developer community.

How do we help?

CRUZEO makes your life easier, with full support available.

Hobbyist Support No marketplace too small.

Whether you’re a solo developer or a community group, we can support you in your marketplace-building journey.

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Enterprise Support No marketplace too large.

We also assist established teams who are building transformative marketplaces to rival the likes of AirBnb and Uber.

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Core Modules

Crypto>Fiat Payment Module

Facilitate transactions in both crypto and fiat currencies, through our seamless fiat>crypto gateway module.

Digital Identity Module

Assign users their own self-soverign digital identites, built on the Ontology framework. Each user on one marketplace is automatically a user on all marketplaces.

Arbitration Module

Let the community have their say on user disputes. A plug-and-play module for autonomous governance.

Smart User Reputation Module

Manage user reputations through a fair system built on immutable reviews and ratings.

Decentralized Discovery & Messaging

Allow users to search, connect and message eachother in fully decentralized fashion.

User Token Management

Alleviate the hassle away from your users by allowing them to easily and securely store their private keys.

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